We are the official distributer of Grante juices in South Korea. Grante juices are made by AZNAR, the oldest producer of pomegranate juices in Azerbaijan, founded in 1969. We distribute Grante juices in one of the biggest supermarket chains of Korea, Hyundai Department Stores, and also through direct e-Commerce giants of Korea such as Coupang, Gmarket, Market Kurly etc. 

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The AZNAR Plant was founded in 1969. Thanks to many years spent developing and perfecting the production facilities, AZNAR has created an innovative automated closed-cycle system. The main difference between AZNAR and the other companies is that we are dedicated to providing high-quality products. We ensure that physiologically active substances, nutritious and organoleptic properties of pomegranate juice are properly maintained, while adhering to strict health and safety standards and using only the best quality ingredients.

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